iToner Provides Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone

iToner Provides Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone


Look! It’s right there in the stylish graphic. Ambrosia Software has created a program that they call iToner 1.0.0 and in a nutshell, it will finally let you load up custom ringtones onto your Apple iPhone. No longer are you restricted to that stupid dog barking.

Developed for the Mac OS X platform, iToner is not only an application that facilitates the ringtone loading process, it’s also a program that allows users to create their custom ringtones too. I’d imagine it has the basic stuff like cropping and downsampling to save space. File support includes the usual MP3 and AAC. The best news is that this is not a hack “and would be compatible with all future iPhone firmware updates.”

The downside is that iToner isn’t free. You get a 30 day trial period, but after that, it’ll cost you a cool 15 smackeroos.