Travel Charging with the iPhone For Twelve Bucks

Travel Charging with the iPhone For Twelve Bucks


Now that you’ve got yourself an iPhone, you want to travel the globe and show off that multi-touch handset to anyone who cares to look. Keep that battery topped up with the Ultra Slim USB Travel Charger from USBFever. Although it’s being marketed for use with the Apple iPhone, I think that it would be perfectly compatible with just about any device that gets recharged via USB. Whether it’s for an iPod or a cell phone, you should be good to go.

The power plug flips into the casing when not in use, making transport a cinch. It’s also notable that this travel adapter — measuring 42x70x15mm and weighing 43 grams — is supposed to work with most worldwide plugs, accepting 100-240V Ac 50~60Hz.

I’ve seen plenty of similar products on eBay before, but I think this is among the first to really push the “I’m for Apple, but I’m not Apple” envelope quite this far. After all, the USBFever Ultra Slim USB Travel Charger is being marketed as having full iPhone compatibility, wrapped in a beautiful iPod white casing. And all this for just US$11.99.