Toshiba Picture Frame Does Music and Videos Too

Toshiba Picture Frame Does Music and Videos Too


The lines are certainly getting blurred here, because the Toshiba DPF7XSE digital photo frame boasts functionality that effectively makes it just as powerful as a small LCD TV. Sure, the display is only seven inches across the diagonal and it’s only got a resolution of 800 x 480, but considering how much more it has going for it beyond showing your digital picture memories, it sounds like quite the juicy product.

There’s 256MB of internal memory for you to stash your photos, but if you need more room, there’s a multi-card reader found around the back where you can plunk in SD, MMC, CF, and Memory Sticks. Data can also be transferred via a standard USB 2.0 connection. The sound quality may not be the best through the pair of 1W stereo speakers, but it’s nice to hear the wealth of video support: MPEG4 and DivX.

No word on price, but Toshiba plans on shipping this video-playing picture frame “in the fall.”