Next Generation iPod Nano Coming Tomorrow?

Next Generation iPod Nano Coming Tomorrow?


Could this be the 3G Apple iPod Nano? A Swedish blogger named Alflennierlandsen has apparently discovered a mockup of the next-generation nano, and what’s more, he’s put out a prediction as to the release date. The stylized promo shot that you see here, complete with Apple’s stereotypical pretty hand, appears to be very similar to the leaked nano pic we saw late last month.

Just like the other image, this picture seems to show the new iPod nano to be significantly smaller than the current incarnation. This makes for a very small click wheel and a relatively large widescreen display. In earlier spy shots, the casing looked softer, whereas this mockup has an external case that is similar to the metallic casing found on the current 2G nano.

According to the Swedish blogger, Apple is planning a major event tomorrow. Will the new nano be revealed?