JBL Makes Awesome Nokia Speaker Dock

JBL Makes Awesome Nokia Speaker Dock


So, you’ve got yourself a music phone and you think you have the hottest things since sliced bread. Your friend asks you to share some of those tunes at the poker table and then you come to sudden realization just how anemic the on-board speakers really are. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Don’t relive that horrible experience. Instead, take a gander at the JBL On Call 5310 speaker dock designed for use with Nokia music phones. More specifically, this particular model is meant to be paired with a Nokia 5310 Xpress Music handset, hence the similarities between the two model numbers. As you can see, the phone fits snugly in a perfectly contoured groove in the middle with basic volume and power controls flanking it on either side. And because it’s JBL, you can have some assurance of the sound quality.

According to the press materials, the JBL On Call 5310 “serves as a customized docking station for the Nokia 5310 (and simultaneously charges the phone battery during music playback.” Those loud speakers look pretty impressive too. On a side note, the dock will work with other devices as well through its standard 3.5mm mini jack.