Factory iPod Integration from Toyota for Only $300

Factory iPod Integration from Toyota for Only $300


Did you just plop down thousands of dollars on a new Toyota, only to find that you could integrate your iPod? Now you can, and it’s only going to cost you $300 to do it. What makes this iPod integration kit even more special is that it is a factory unit fully endorsed by Toyota, meaning that it won’t void your warranty in any way.

They say that the kit will work with all current Toyota and Lexus models, regardless of whether you took the budget route and bought a Yaris or you broke the bank to get your hands on a Lexus LS600h. The kit fits in the glove compartment and will allow you to control your iPod via the car’s head unit (and even through steering wheel controls if you have them).

Yes, iPod integration isn’t new, but it’s new to Toyota. Now all you Prius drivers won’t have to feel left behind.