Wireless Gadgets Banned from Caribbean Resort

Wireless Gadgets Banned from Caribbean Resort


When people go to the Palm Island Resort in the Caribbean, they want to escape from the office and just enjoy the surf, sand, and sun. They don’t want to hear a cell phone ringing, a keyboard clacking, or a PDA chiming with an alarm. As such, the management of the Caribbean resort has effectively banned the use of all mobile phones, laptops and PDAs within half a mile of Casarina beach. Their guest do not want to be interrupted from their umbrella drinks and cabana boys.

According to Elite Resort Islands chief executive Rob Barret, “There is nothing worse than lying back in your double hammock, sipping on your strawberry daiquiri and hearing the Motorola jingle in the background.” Some people may say that they need these devices for work purposes, which is fine, but you just can’t use them on this particular beach. Go back to your hotel room if need be.

Do you take your laptop and cell phone with you when you go on vacation? Would you be able to leave them in your room?