Helio Eliminates Nearly 15% of Employees

Helio Eliminates Nearly 15% of Employees


Either they’re trying to be more efficient or they’re desperately trying to cut costs, but whatever the case, Helio has decided to cut 100 jobs out of its total workforce of around 700. They say that they’re going to refocus its field sales team toward direct sales. Most of the cuts come from field sales, keeping the HQ employees more or less intact. Further to their new marketing strategy, Helio plans on opening more company-owned kiosks, expanding from the 30 to 50.

Despite the recent cuts, a Helio spokesperson claims that the MVNO had its best month yet in July and that they are on track to do $100 million revenues. By reducing expenses (i.e., cutting jobs), they hope that more of this figure will be converted into a profit. In their own words, this is simply a “reallocation of resources.”

This latest announcement comes hot on the heels of a major job-cutting effort at Earthlink, one of Helio’s parent companies.