The World’s Smallest In-Ear Headphones From Klipsch

The World’s Smallest In-Ear Headphones From Klipsch


One of the most respected names in the high-end audio department, Klipsch has just unveiled what they claim is the world’s smallest and lightest in-ear earphones: the Klipsch IMAGE. Yes, the all caps is part of the product’s official name, sort of like what Motorola likes to do with the RAZR, SLVR, and PEBL.

I can’t imagine why you would want to have the smallest in-canal earphones, because you’re still going to have wires dangling from your Dumbo ears. I can certainly appreciate the “lightest” part of things though, especially if you plan on using the Klipsch IMAGE as part of your workout routine. Because they’re Klipsch, you can have plenty of assurance in terms of quality too: the IMAGE is made of aluminum and copper.

Being tiny comes at a price. $349 to be exact.