Google Phone Confirmed by HTC Insider

Google Phone Confirmed by HTC Insider


Gasp! It looks like the planets are aligned, because after months of speculation, an HTC “insider” has confirmed that the company is indeed working on the Google Phone. Sure, Google has tossed its mobile applications into cell phones and portable devices for a while now, but this will be the first time that the search engine giant will have a self-branded handset preloaded with all sorts of Google goodies.

HTC is known for creating devices for other companies, as I’m sure you already know, being the company behind products with i-Mate, T-Mobile, Cingular, and Dopod items, among other firms. From what we hear, HTC has approached Google with 20 different designs to choose from. None will likely be the rolling e-ink wonder you see in the pic above, but wouldn’t that be sweet.

Whatever design makes the final grade, it’ll come with a custom version of Google Maps (internal GPS), Google Talk with VoIP (integrated WiFi), Gmail, and Google Calendar. There’s probably more Google this and that in there too. We’re hoping for an announcement in two weeks, with an actual product launch likely taking place in Q1 2008.