Sprint Jacks Up Price of SMS to 20 Cents

Sprint Jacks Up Price of SMS to 20 Cents


About one year ago, Sprint raised their text message rates to 15 cents, saying that if you didn’t like this material change, you had the right to opt out of your contract with no penalty. This year, they’re doing almost the same thing, but with one very notable difference. Sprint has decided to raise the SMS rate again, this time to 20 cents per, but you will not be allowed to drop your contract without paying the usual fees involved.

They say that this does not constitute a material change to your contract, outright contradicting their own statements from about the same time last year. In this most recent development, they say that SMS isn’t covered by your contract because it is an opt-in service; this is the same reason why they can raise the price of caller ID or voicemail without voiding your contract.

Did Sprint consult their lawyers and decide that they were wrong the first time around or are they pulling a fast one on text message users?