Slicing and Dicing with Wolverine ESP 5250 PMP

Slicing and Dicing with Wolverine ESP 5250 PMP


What’s up, bub? Although this product has nothing to do with Logan from Marvel fame, it still packs in quite the wallop. You see, the Wolverine ESP 5250 personal media player comes loaded with a formidable 250GB hard drive to store all of that mobile entertainment that you desire. They say that the 250 gigs found under the hood of this rugged-looking number is enough for 80 thousand songs or approximately 500 hours of video content.

In terms of audio, the Wolverine ESP 5250 can handle AAC, MP3, WMA and CDA. On the video front, it’s got XviD, MPEG, and WMV covered. Because it has a memory card reader built-in, the ESP 5250 can also function as a photo bank for all your DSLR pictures. It certainly helps that this PMP is compatible with RAW photos. Rounding out the features is an FM radio.

The Wolverine ESP 5250 PMP retails for $650.