Nokia 6131i With Near Field Communication Technology

Nokia 6131i With Near Field Communication Technology


Big deal, right? It’s just another flip phone with a rather standard set of features? Wrong! The Nokia 6131i is pretty darn special, because it is the world’s first business mobile phone integrated with Near Field Communication technology.

Set for launch in China (Xiamen, Guangzhou and Beijing), the Nokia 6131i can use its Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to make, as you can probably guess, close-range data transfers. This can be used for beaming media files, making secure mobile payments, or whatever else you’re little heart can dream of. NFC operates at 13.56MHz, beaming 1s and 0s over at rates as high as 424kbps. The communication between compatible devices is said to be intuitive, simple, and safe.

In order to initiate the connection, simply wave or touch the two items together (they must be within 4cm of one another). After that, communication can continue through Bluetooth or WiFi as well.