MacBook Pro Laptop Stand With the Hidden Apple Fan

MacBook Pro Laptop Stand With the Hidden Apple Fan


Although they don’t exactly provide the best cooling solutions in terms of improving performance and reducing temperature, laptop stands are still better than nothing when you want to keep your notebook at a reasonable temperature. Bostjan Majcen has designed a very attractive stand for the MacBook Pro and perhaps its most intriguing feature is the fan that is hidden beneath the Apple logo.

Yup, those aren’t just vents for letting some hot air out of your silver Apple computer; those are vents for blasting cold air into your MacBook Pro. Furthering its functionality, the stand is slightly slanted to help raise the display to a more comfortable level. This also places the keyboard at an angle for an easier typing experience. Rounding out the features on this all aluminum creation are some additional USB and FireWire ports.

Too bad it’s just a concept. That is, unless Steve Jobs sees this post and contacts Majcen himself.