Cup-Shaped Speaker Fires Downwards

Cup-Shaped Speaker Fires Downwards


I know what you’re thinking. With such a glossy white appearance and minimalistic features, you’d swear that this portable speaker system would be marketed either by or for Apple. Sorry Cupertino lovers, this cup-shaped speaker system has very little to do with the iPod other than the fact that it can work with it (as well as any other standard 3.5mm audio source).

Designed by Satyendra Pakhale, the unnamed speakers take on an original “cup” shape, and what’s more, the speakers are actually designed to point downwards, thrusting their drivers into the table with the sound barely escaping through the wedged-out spaces in the casing. If you happen to be in Frankfurt, you can check out this system in person at Tendence Lifestyle 2007.

No word on whether this will ever make it to market.