BMW and Mercedes-Benz Partner Up in Joint Venture?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz Partner Up in Joint Venture?


Well, not exactly, but this is probably as close as we’re going to get to having the two Germany-based automakers play nice with one another. Mercedes is thinking about suing China Automobile Deutschland for creating a car that looks a little too much like the Smart ForTwo. Well, CAD is far from being out of hot water. In fact, they just jumped into another boiling pot.

BMW is considering legal action against China Automobile Deutschland, because the latter’s CEO sport utility vehicle looks almost the same as the last-generation BMW X5. The resemblance is particularly striking from the rear and from the profile. The CEO has not yet been officially launched, but they were planning showing the car at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

We’ve seen iPod clones, iPhone clones, and PSP knockoffs from China. I guess cars aren’t immune either. Will Mercedes and BMW team up in this lawsuit? The enemy of my enemy is my friend…