Blinged Out USB Flash Drives Cost Too Much

Blinged Out USB Flash Drives Cost Too Much


Personally, I could never justify buying one of these so-called “luxury” technological devices because they offer no extra functionality over their more generic-looking counterparts. I’m not saying that I need for features in order for me to consider buying something, but I just never found jewel-encrusted flash drives to be all that attractive.

Take this pair of USB thumb drives from S.T. Dupont, for example. These normal-looking sticks got covered in some expensive — but not particularly pretty — materials and the net result is a huge price tag. The Côte D’Azur USB Memory Stick is made of palladium and laquer, getting covered in S.T. Dupont’s “iconic diamond head pattern.” That’s a pattern, folks, not a set of diamonds.

To be available in turquoise blue, soft pink, and black, this over-priced 2GB flash drive costs $700. Each.