Apple Phone Made of Wood. No, Seriously.

Apple Phone Made of Wood. No, Seriously.


Call me boring, but I have no problem with grabbing a cell phone that’s constructed of plastic and metal. Others, on the other hand, want something different. They want something special so that they can stick out from the crowd for whatever reason, and it doesn’t get much stranger than this number. They say that this mobile phone is a piece of art, if only because it has been housed in wood. Apple wood, that is.

The wooden housing is not the same as having a leather case that goes on top of an existing handset; it actually replaces the normal housing of the phone. They’ve stuffed in all the usual doo-hickeys in there, like a SIM card and battery. Heck, even the stubby antenna has been wrapped in wood. There’s no camera, naturally, nor is there a color display. All you get is a ugly monochrome wonder to go with your ugly (and likely overpriced) “piece of art.”

The scary thing is that this isn’t the first wooden phone, nor is it the first Russian wooden phone. That honor, to my knowledge, goes to Gresso.