Generator Set Breaks Wind, Powers Toy Car

Generator Set Breaks Wind, Powers Toy Car


Ever wanted to have your own windmill so that you could generate some electricity for your toys? Want to go green? Then look no further than this wind power generator kit from Tamiya & Loopwing. It is from Tamiya, so there is some assembly involved on your part, but c’mon, that’s got to be half the fun, right?

In the generator kit, you’ll find two gears, a capacitor, a small steering module, a windd powered charging station, and some funky cheap plastic toy car that will havppily receive the wind-powered electricity that you’ll be generating. Get the generator set up and running for five minutes at 5 miles/second and you’ll have enough power to send that little car for a 3.5 hour drive.

And all this “Set, Charge, Go!” fun can be yours for $30.