Beam Files From Desktop to BlackBerry Without Wires

Beam Files From Desktop to BlackBerry Without Wires


It seems like everyone’s favorite business handheld is about to gain another weapon in its arsenal to get you addicted. Research in Motion is said to be working on software that will allow users to send files from their home computers to their BlackBerry devices wirelessly. Everything from media files to boring text documents become fair game, and this isn’t achieved through Bluetooth object exchange (OBEX) either.

Instead, the wireless transfer system that RIM is supposedly working on will access RIM’s backend architecture, “providing a direct connection between your computer and your phone.” This is similar to Research in Motion’s BES server. By being able to access all sorts of files without a physical connection, business users will be able to spend more time with that thumb-based QWERTY rather than being tethered to a desktop.

How this will affect pricing and whether there is any truth to this rumor, well, those remain to be seen.