Truancy Just Got A Lot More Complicated

Truancy Just Got A Lot More Complicated


It used to be that if you ditched class, the school would really have no idea where you were, so you could go do whatever kids do when they ditch class. Thanks to a company based out of Lancashire, UK, ditching class could be a lot harder to achieve. Trutex is a school uniform maker and they are considering the implementation of GPS tracking technology in their clothing. What this means is that when little Billy decides that he doesn’t want to go to math class, school officials need only turn to their GPS trackers to find him at the local shopping mall.

For younger children, this might be a good idea, particularly with kids who seem to like wandering off on their own. It’ll also come in handy for child abduction cases, for example, where it can be very difficult to track down a missing child. Interestingly, only half of all pupils aged 12 and under said that they “would not mind” wearing the GPS-laced uniforms.

Of course, if you really wanted to ditch class and not get found, couldn’t you just change your clothes?