Three Ways to Call on Plantronics Calisto Pro

Three Ways to Call on Plantronics Calisto Pro


In an effort to stay connected with the world around you, you have unwittingly signed yourself up to far too many services. The Plantronics Calisto Pro phone series streamlines your life by allowing you to take incoming and make outgoing calls from your landline, cell phone, and Skype through a single wireless device.

There’s a mobile phone-like portion to the equation that you can use, if you prefer to have a conventional phone-yakking experience, but there’s also a Bluetooth headset included as part of the package if you need to keep your hands free for whatever reason. Regardless of whether the call is through a landline, your cell phone, or VoIP, the Plantronics Calisto Pro will funnel it all to a single device.

The transition between the three services is said to be absolutely seamless. On the downside, the Plantronics solution is pretty pricey at $279.95. Look for it this September.