Hyundai HED-4 QarmaQ Crossover Concept Loves Nature

Hyundai HED-4 QarmaQ Crossover Concept Loves Nature


Going green has suddenly become a pretty important priority for automakers, but this sentiment isn’t just about developing more fuel-efficient engines that spew out lower emissions. The HED-4 QarmaQ from Hyundai is being billed as an “environmentally friendly concept” because it has been constructed out of nature-loving materials.

Developed in conjunction with GE plastics, this crossover concept vehicle makes use of “environmentally friendly and advanced materials include a panoramic windshield made of Lexan.” Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.0L inline-4 diesel engine, propelling the four-wheeler to the tune of about 168hp. When you check out the interior, it’s obvious that Hyundai is going for a futuristic appearance with its glossy whites and glowing blues.

If this is what environmentally friendly looks like, I guess we’re in good hands. Now if only Hyundai could do something about that gawd-awful HED-4 QarmaQ name.