PSP Go!Messenger Lets You Chat Anyway You Want

PSP Go!Messenger Lets You Chat Anyway You Want


While I prefer to play games on my Nintendo DS Lite rather than on my PSP, I have to hand it to Sony and how they’re pumping so much functionality into that UMD-playing machine. At their Games Convention press conference, Sony revealed Go!Messenger, a “wireless communications package that will bring text, voice, and video chat” to the PSP.

Text chat through services like MSN Messenger is achieved via an on-screen keyboard, connecting to the network through the PSP’s built-in WiFi. By bringing a microphone into the mix, you effectively gain access to all sorts of VoIP goodness, and then you can complete the package with a PSP webcam to achieve streaming video chat.

Best of all, Go!Messenger is 100% free and comes by way of a firmware upgrade. A small piece of software will need be loaded onto your memory stick too.