Olympus FE-Series Compact Cameras Are Fun and Easy

Olympus FE-Series Compact Cameras Are Fun and Easy


You know that a camera is designed for the casual fun-loving user when there’s a feature called “Smile Shot”, which is said to be “facial recognition technology that automatically takes the picture, yes, once you are smiling.” Trying to convince the baby to smile and keep missing the shot? You can now cast that worry aside.

The new FE cameras come in three offerings: the $200 FE-280, $250 FE-290, and the $300 FE-300. The first and the last of the bunch are fundamentally identical with their 2.5-inch LCDs and 3x optical zoom; the critical difference is the megapixel count which lies at 8 and 12. I’ll let you figure out which one belongs to which. The FE-290, on the other hand, boasts 4x optical zoom, 7 megapixels of resolution, and a large 3-inch LCD.

In terms of color options, the FE-280 comes in red, blue, black, and silver; the FE-290 gets shipped in black and silver; and the FE-300 is silver only.