32 Gigabytes In A Postage Stamp-Sized Package

32 Gigabytes In A Postage Stamp-Sized Package


That’s exactly what Toshiba has accomplished with their latest creation, a 32GB SDHC memory card. As you recall, SDHC cards are the exact same physical size as standard SD cards, except they are able to pack in a heck of a lot more memory. Up until now, most consumer-ready SDHC cards have been limited to 4GB or 8GB, but as technology progresses, so will that number!

The Toshiba 32GB SDHC card (SH-HC032GT4) is unfortunately only a Class 4 memory card, so it won’t be quite as quick as Class 6 cards. The Toshiba postage stamp-sized card will offer a minimum data writing speed of 4MB per second, with the possibility of throttling up to 6MB per second. If 32 gigs is too much for you to handle, Toshiba also revealed a 16GB SDHC card that looks fundamentally identical.

The 32GB and 16GB SDHC cards from Toshiba will retail for about $695 and $348. Availability is scheduled for January 2008 and October 2007, respectively.