iMirror BR100 iPod Docking Station Pops Bexy’s Cherry

iMirror BR100 iPod Docking Station Pops Bexy’s Cherry


Bexy Corporation hails from Newport Beach, California and their freshman offering to the iPod adoring public is this iMirror Wireless Remote Control Docking Station. Unlike most other speaker docks force you to actually walk up the contraption to see what’s going on, the iMirror comes packaged with a wireless remote that shows “content data while controlling music/video playback.”

There aren’t any speakers that come with this dock, so you’ll probably want to connect it to your home theater to give those tunes the treatment they deserve. They’ve ensured that configuration is as easy as possible, so even grandma should get it up and going (assuming she knows how to work the iPod). In addition to the audio side of things, the docking station can also send out a video signal to your giant TV. Now that’s a real iPod Video, eh?

The Bevy iMirror BR100 is currently available directly from the company for $150. Other retailers will snatch it up next month.