Zagg RockStic iPod Dock is on a Roll

Zagg RockStic iPod Dock is on a Roll


Want a portable iPod speaker system that is totally tubular? Look no further than the Zagg RockStic, a cylindrical dock for everyone’s favorite mobile music player. They’re clearly targeting the Apple-loving demographic with this tune-sharing portable, but the Zagg RockStic is perfectly compatible with just about every other MP3 player as well, thanks to its standard audio input jack.

Based on the relative proportions shown in the picture, this rolly-polly speaker system is fairly compact and should be able to wedge its way into your backpack or duffle bag. In fact, some may even say it’s “pocket sized”, though you’ve got to wonder what size pockets they’re talking about. And don’t worry about fragility either, because the RockStic is made of aluminum, not plastic. Power comes by way of either four AAA batteries or the provided AC adapter.

The Zagg RockStic is on sale now for $69.95 and comes in your choice of silver, black, or — for the more feminine amongst us — pink.