Send a Text Message, Get a Pizza from Dominos

Send a Text Message, Get a Pizza from Dominos


Domino’s Pizza has launched something that they call Pizza by TXT. After registering on their website, you can order up a large meat lover’s by sending them a text message. This way, you don’t have to deal with rude telephone operators and busy phone signals.

That’s right. The only human interaction you’re going to get — talking to your fellow guild members in World of Warcraft online doesn’t count — will be the pimple-faced pizza delivery boy. Pair this service with some form of cell phone-based payment and even that might not be necessary; just tell him to leave it at the door.

You’ve got to wonder, though, if you’ve got a case of the midnight munchies and all your speech comes out a little slurred from that, uh, medicinal stuff you’ve been smoking, how coherent will your text message be? I can just see it now. “I wbnt zaaaaaaaa.”

On a side note, Pizza by TXT is currently only being offered in the UK. If those blokes enjoy it, you might see a launch on our side of the Atlantic too.