Misumi Creates the World’s Smallest Camera

Misumi Creates the World’s Smallest Camera


Misumi claims that their latest creation is the world’s smallest camera, measuring 4.4mm in diameter and 15mm long. Tiny cameras like these could prove for some exceptionally funny hidden camera gags… I can totally see Howie Mandel making use of something like this for a Tonight Show bit.

The MO-R803 snake camera by Misumi is capable of recording video at QVGA resolution through its 1/18-inch colour CMOS chip, the smallest currently available. The bendable wire attached to the barrel of the camera allows you to snake it through clothing, line it up with the frame of a pair of sunglasses, or whatever other creative implementation you can imagine. There are two lenses available for either a 55 degree or 105 degree field of vision.

Of course, outside of gags and surveillance, the Misumi MO-R803 snake camera could probably be adapted for medical purposes too.