Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone Now Available

Apple Certified Refurbished iPhone Now Available


If the big scary price point was the only thing that was holding you back from buying an Apple iPhone, you just might be able to afford one now, because refurbished units are now available directly from the Apple website. The price cut, as with all Apple Certified refurbished products, isn’t as huge as you would like, but saving $100 is still saving $100. And you can rest assured that you’re not getting an old ass unit.

I’m not really sure if this should be considered good news or bad news. On the one hand, you can keep an extra $100 in your pocket to spend on whatever you like (probably iPhone accessories). On the other hand, is it at all disconcerting to you that there are already refurbished versions available? This means that people have already started sending defective and otherwise not-working-the-way-they’re-supposed-to iPhones back to Apple for repairs. And it’s only been about two months. If you’re lucky, the “defect” was just bad packaging.

Whatever the case, a refurbished 4GB iPhone can be had for $399, whereas the 8-gigger goes for $499.