Sony IPELA Network Cameras Are Like Night and Day

Sony IPELA Network Cameras Are Like Night and Day


While the cat’s away, the mice will play. While you’re at work, you can sometimes be concerned about what your kids are doing back home. Or maybe you need to set up some surveillance at the office, because there’s been a recent string of break-ins. Whatever the case, Sony has created a pair of PTZ Day/Night network dome cameras that are able to broadcast their video feed through a variety of different codecs. What’s more, they’re equipped with powerful 26x optical zoom lenses.

From what I can gather, the SNC-RX550N/W in white and the SNC-RX550N/B in black are functionally identical, so it’s just a matter of preference as to which color you select. You should probably pick the one that can be more cleverly hidden in the location of your choosing. The resolution, unfortunately, isn’t the best with just 379,000 effective pixels. That’s marginally better than VGA.

The rest of the critical stuff includes 55-degree horizontal viewing angle and 42-degree vertical viewing angle at full wide (3.5mm), and 2.5-degree horizontal and 1.7-degree vertical viewing angles at full zoom (91mm). It can pan a full 360 degrees and tilt a full 90 degrees, effectively giving you the ability to peek in just about every direction. Connection is either through RJ-45 or BNC.