Nokia 5200: The Cheap Slider Phone from Fido

Nokia 5200: The Cheap Slider Phone from Fido


Getting a fashionable slider phone just got a whole lot cheaper, because Fido has picked up the Nokia 5200 and they’re selling it for a measly $25 with a 3-year contract. Even if you opt out of signing a new contract altogether, this slick black number can be had for $200. Prepaid customers can pay that price and get $25 of local prepaid airtime too.

Naturally, you would assume that with a price like that, the features would be seriously lacking. Here is where you can be pleasantly surprised. It’s got an MP3 player and FM radio to keep you entertained, and they even get you started with a free 1GB microSD card. There’s Bluetooth for handsfree conversations and a basic digital camera (presumably VGA) that also does video.

The biggest downside is the fact that the Nokia 5200 from Fido is only a tri-band (850/1800/1900), but at least it’s the good kind of tri-band for North American users.