Fido’s Motorola W510: It’s Like a RAZR, Only Shinier

Fido’s Motorola W510: It’s Like a RAZR, Only Shinier


Apparently T-Mobile isn’t the only one getting some W-series action from Motorola. As I perused my way through the Fido website today, I discovered that they have just added the Motorola W510 flip phone to their collection. Most people will see the immediate similarities to the RAZR family of cell phones and, well, you’d be right to make that comparison.

The quad-band world phone comes equipped with “high-speed” EDGE, a 1.3 megapixel camera with 8x zoom and video, a built-in MP3 player, embedded games, and a microSD expansion slot. Thankfully, they provide you with a free 1GB memory card so you can start jamming to some tunes (almost) right away. You’ll also find a stereo headset included in the box, alongside a USB cable, smart card, and a “Get to know Fido” guide.

The Motorola W510 sells for $75 with a 3-year Fido agreement, $125 with a 2-year, and $300 with no contract.