XtremeNotebooks Xtreme 917V Laptop Is, Well, Extreme

XtremeNotebooks Xtreme 917V Laptop Is, Well, Extreme


Ready for a big Mountain Dew moment? Wanna go extreme? Then look no further than the Xtreme 917V Notebook PC from the folks at XtremeNotebooks. It’s exxxxtrreeeeeeeeme! Okay, maybe not that extreme, but that seems to the point that the manufacturers are trying to drive home.

Designed specifically for hardcore mobile gamers, this high-end laptop gets powered not by a Core Duo or even a Core 2 Duo processor; the Xtreme 917V sports an awesome Intel Core 2 Quad processor. Graphics come by way of either dual SLI nVidia 8000 cards or Quadro series graphics cards, and naturally it’s got full support for DirectX 10. Further to this “extreme” mentality, the Xtreme 917V has got triple SATA hard drives with up to 300GB each.

Other niceties include a 17-inch glass view widescreen LCD, 8x DVD burner, and up to 4GB of RAM. The base models of the Xtreme 917V Fusion, Reactor, and Accelerator start at $2,399, $3,259, and $3,359, respectively.