Loremo Turbo-Diesel Car Gets 157MPG, Will Enter Automotive X Prize

Loremo Turbo-Diesel Car Gets 157MPG, Will Enter Automotive X Prize


Who said that fuel efficiency had to be ugly? The Loremo — which stands for Low Resistance Mobility — was introduced by Loremo AG in Geneva last year, and now they’re ready to take the sporty coupe to the Automotive X Prize, a competition for ultra-efficient cars.

In case you missed it the first time around, the LoReMo motor car gets powered by two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that puts out a measily 15 kw, or about 20 horsepower. But that’s okay, because the extremely aerodynamic and lightweight vehicle — tipping the scales at a mere 450kg — is capable of achieving 157 miles on the gallon (that’s 1.5L/100km for any Canadians in the audiences).

The Automotive X Prize is designed “to foster a new generation of viable, ultra-economic vehicles that are both accessible and affordable to the consumer.” The competition requires production feasibility and “market studies for at least 10,000 units.” Pure concepts need not apply. Among the other stringent requirements are a fuel economy of at least 100MPG, ridiculously minimal greenhouse gas emissions (no more than 200 grams of CO2 per mile), and full compliance with standard safety regulations. And then, after all of that, the fastest car wins. The long-distance stage is scheduled for 2009.