HTC Nike and Vogue to Tackle iPhone in September

HTC Nike and Vogue to Tackle iPhone in September


The HTC Touch (pictured) was clearly designed to compete directly against the Apple iPhone and it seems that High Tech Computer isn’t quite done with the whole touchscreen-only phenomenon. According to “market sources”, HTC is working on a couple of new smartphones that boast touchscreen-only interfaces and these HTC Touch-like devices should be ready in time for September.

The first of these has been codenamed Nike, with no relation to the sports apparel brand. Otherwise known as the P5500, the 3.5G smartphone will make use of a Samsung CPU and a Qualcomm chipset. The 3G-ness comes courtesy of the WCDMA standard.

The second phone — codenamed Vogue — will also be controlled largely by a touchscreen-based interface. Instead of WCDMA, the Vogue will be capable of doing EVDO; it’s being targeted more at the North American market. Both phones should be able to beat the iPhone to market, since Apple’s cell phone won’t officially launch in Asia until early 2008.

On a side note, the HTC Touch is expected to become the company’s best-selling model (under their own banner that is) in company history, reaching one million units by the end of this year.