Floating Plasma Balls Are Crazy Like Whoa

Floating Plasma Balls Are Crazy Like Whoa


It’s almost scary the kind of technology that people are developing these days. Some Japanese researchers have managed to create a device that can project three-dimensional plasma balls in mid-air, effectively getting us that much closer to creating true holograms.

There’s no need to use dangerous gases or any kind of vapor — that tech has been around for a while, because all they’re doing is projecting an image onto each individual droplet of suspended water — because these plasma balls are created by heating up oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air. In essence, the lasers light up the molecules by burning them up, producing up to 1,000 brilliant dots per second. This means that smooth motion is possible.

The applications are endless. Like the “walking man” symbol at crosswalks, except now the plasma ball projection can follow you as you cross the street.