T-Mobile Picks Up Pharos GPS Phones, Sort Of

T-Mobile Picks Up Pharos GPS Phones, Sort Of


I’m not entirely sure if I’m reading this correctly, but it sounds like T-Mobile USA has effectively picked up the Pharos GPS Phone 600 and 600e, offering customers a $200 discount if they sign up on a new T-Mo contract. You may be able to navigate around town with these, but sadly, Catherine Zeta-Jones is not along for the ride.

The Pharos GPS Phone 600 is an unlocked quad-band world phone, so it does not carry any sort of T-Mobile USA localization or custom software. Instead, you get Windows Mobile — including pocket versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — as well as integrated GPS with voice-prompted directions. It comes preloaded with maps of USA and Canada, running on Ostia navigation software. In terms of entertainment, you get FM radio, Windows Media Player Mobile, and a 2MP camera. The MSRP is $699.95, but with that $200 contract (voice and data) discount, you can nab one for $499.95.

If you want to save yourself a hundred bucks and you don’t need any of that fancy schmancy pre-loaded navigation software, maps, or a car kit, you can nab the “Enterprise” edition — the Pharos GPS Phone 600e — for $599.95 without a contract or $399.95 with one. You still get a GPS receiver, but you’ll have to provide the software and maps yourself.