Flexible Battery is Small, Powerful, and Paper Thin

Flexible Battery is Small, Powerful, and Paper Thin


Looks like we’re getting awfully close to having more electronic clothing and flexible electronics, because this tiny flexible battery packs quite a considerable wallop. Researchers at MIT and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have teamed up to develop a battery made of carbon nanotubes and paper. You are not restricted in size in any way, because the paper-based battery can be cut using a regular pair of scissors. In the future, they say that these batteries can even be printed on, just like paper.

The energy density is said to be quite good at 110mAh per gram, meaning that I’d only need about 23 grams to have the same amount of juice as my trusty rechargeable Energizer AA battery. The researchers have already produced small prototypes that boast enough power to run small fans. But it’s not about the weight, really, as much as it is about the flexibility.

We could be well on our way to having flexible cell phones, giving the advancing technology in flexible OLED displays as well.