Apple iPhone Gets Skype For Real

Apple iPhone Gets Skype For Real


That glossy cell phone from Steve Jobs has certainly been learning a lot of new tricks lately. The latest application to get launched for the iPhone is Skype, letting you chat it up via WiFi without munching into those 900 minutes of airtime you get each month. Announced by Shape Services, Skype for the Apple iPhone has been designed with the iPhone’s touchscreen in mind, complementing the design and interface of the Apple mobile phone.

The fully mobile application makes use of SkypeOut credits for voice calls, just as the desktop-based version would do if you were making calls from your computer. If you have Skype Unlimited or Skype Pro, you get “almost free calling from the mobile device to any PC with Skype or any landline/mobile number.”

Dubbed IM+ for Skype, the multi-platform application can be accessed on the iPhone by pointing the Safari web browser to You don’t necessarily need a WiFi connection to use the service, but I’d imagine the connection would be better compared to EDGE.