Apple iPhone Gets E-Book Reader

Apple iPhone Gets E-Book Reader


It’s funny, really, that the iPhone was supposed to come with all this functionality, but it lacked the ability to show you some simple text on the go. That has now changed. If you get bored of listening to your extensive music collection, flipping through your albums with your fingers, and surfing it up with Safari, then you might want to check out this homebrewed application for text reading.

The unauthorized Apple iPhone eBook reader is compatible with HTML and text files stored in your Media/EBooks folder. For those of you with extensive reading collections, you’ll be glad to hear that the application supports subdirectories as well, so feel free to organize at will. In the future, the third-party developers hope to “include a simple method of syncing eBooks to your iPhone.” For now, you’ll have to do that through iPHUC and a shell script.

Venture at your own risk — this app is 100% unauthorized, after all — but if you want to nab some eBook loving, you can download the app here.