Ugly Suitcase Transforms into Ugly Chair, No Joke

Ugly Suitcase Transforms into Ugly Chair, No Joke


Picture this. You’re at the airport, all ready for your sunny vacation in Maui. You’ve packed your expressively loud Hawaiian shirt, your sunscreen, and your totally awesome digital camera to document the whole trip. Upon checking in at the airline’s counter, you discover that your flight has been delayed and you’ll be stuck at the airport for the next 12 hours. What’s worse, the airport has a shortage of seats. What can you do?

That’s where the Chair Suitcase comes into play. By day, it may appear to be a pretty regular wheelie-dealie suitcase, but you can actually open it up and transmogrify it into a sitting device. You know, otherwise known as a chair. At first, I thought this idea was pretty dumb, because it looked like the chair part of things would only work if the suitcase was empty — and why would you bring an empty suitcase? — but it seems like there are actually two main storage compartments in this suitcase, each of which forms a leg for the chair.

Sure, you’ll look like a goof sitting on this thing, but you’ve got all those standing people beat, right? Too bad it’s just a concept for now.