OMFG: Apple iPhone Gets Doom

OMFG: Apple iPhone Gets Doom


Take that Steve Jobs! No third party applications my ass! With all the crazy modders, hackers, and homebrewers making their way around the intarwebs, it was only a matter of time before someone managed to plunk Doom onto the iPhone. And that day has now arrived. Slowly make your way through those long hallways, shooting and hacking at will!

Unfortunately, there are a couple of key elements missing from this build of Doom for the iPhone. For starters, there’s no sound, so you won’t get to hear any blood curdling screams other than your own. Secondly, the controls don’t work. I guess this latter bit is a deal-breaker, huh? Well, they’re getting there, so based on the fact that they got the game to run at all should point toward greener pastures in the future.

If you’re curious, you can click here to download Doom for the iPhone. The installation notes from MobileWhack read:

Installation note: you’ll need a Doom .wad file.

WAD files go in /var/root/Media/Doom . If the app quits immediately after launch, there was probably an issue with the wad file. If you’re using the shareware wad, make sure it’s named doom1.wad . If that doesn’t help, execute the app from the shell so you can see the printf()s.