Universal Music Group Says Goodbye to DRM Songs

Universal Music Group Says Goodbye to DRM Songs


Gasp. Could it be true? Is Universal finally releasing the chains of DRM confinement, allowing us to download songs that can actually work with more than one device. If the NYT is to believed, then yes, they are.

What makes this news extra interesting — as if the removing of DRM shackles wasn’t enough — is that Universal is not going to sell its DRM-free music on iTunes, despite the fact that EMI is already doing the DRM-free dance with iTunes Plus (for $1.29 a song). Instead, Universal is taking its free-loving music to Amazon, Google, RealNetworks and Wal-Mart, selling the songs for 99 cents a piece.

Universal recently decided not to renew its contract with Apple to sell content on iTunes; they’re currently on a month-to-month basis. Are they moving away from the iPod?