Telus Taps Fast with ZTE D90 Fastap Cell Phone

Telus Taps Fast with ZTE D90 Fastap Cell Phone


Just because you’re a text message junkie doesn’t mean that you have to get QWERTY. At least that’s what Telus Mobility seems to think, because the Canadian provider is now the exclusive carrier of the ZTE D90 clamshell featuring a Digit Wireless Fastap keypad. Never heard of ZTE? Well, the China-based cell phone maker is wanting to make a bigger splash around these parts. In fact, ZTE became “the first wireless phone manufacturer from mainland China to directly offer a device for sale in Canada.” Pioneers these guys are.

In terms of specs, the ZTE D90 won the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award from Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westafalen earlier this year. The Fastap keypad “combines innovative use of backlighting with semi-transparent key graphics.” What’s interesting is that before it lights up, the keypad looks like any other conventional 12-button layout; it’s only when it lights up that you see the rest of its letters.

Other features include EVDO connectivity, a 1.3 megapixel camera with night mode, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, and a soft touch exterior. The ZTE D90 is available now for $80 with a three-year enslavement contract.