Video: Another Chinese-Made Fails Crash Test Miserably

Video: Another Chinese-Made Fails Crash Test Miserably


As if the “Made in China” name wasn’t marred enough already, we’ve stumbled across yet another Chinese-made car failing its crash test with flying colors: the Chery Amulet. In the video that you can watch below, the entire front end crumples up like wet cardboard, the A-pillar disintegrates with no resistance whatsoever, and the driver’s door goes flinging out the side. I feel sorry for the crash test dummy.

To make matters worse, the $9,000 Chery Amulet is a top selling model in Russia, China’s biggest auto-export market. In the first half of 2007, Chery managed to sell 10.119 Amulet automobiles in Russia. I hope those owners take a nice long look at this video and consider trading them in for something else.

All this said, the video should come with a pretty serious caveat, because it was provided by OAO Avtovaz, a Russian car company that is one of Chery’s biggest competitors.