Advantek ABT-SPK-A8 Bluetooth Speaker Loves Skype Too

Advantek ABT-SPK-A8 Bluetooth Speaker Loves Skype Too


There seems to be a lot of these kind of things going around lately. Not that I’m complaining — I use a BlueAnt Bluetooth Speaker in my car — but you’ve got to get a more inspired appearance than this device. The ABT-SPK-A8 from Advantek Networks is a portable Bluetooth speaker system that does everything you’d want a Bluetooth speaker to do.

For starters, it does the basic music thing, accepting Bluetooth broadcasts of tunes and sending them back out via the on-board speakers. Secondly, you can pair it with a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone to get a handfree conversation going on. And third, this handsfree speaker will also mate up with your computer, allowing you to have a wireless speakered chat on Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or whatever other VoIP software you feel like running.

Too bad it looks so boring (the model number is pretty bland too, although it’s quite descriptive). The ABT-SPK-A8 Bluetooth speaker sells for $99.