Tetris on your TV, Anywhere You Go

Tetris on your TV, Anywhere You Go


Get this, someone has decided to make Tetris portable. No, I’m not talking about the version that we saw nearly 20 years ago on the original Game Boy. You won’t have to put up with puke green displays any longer! We’ve seen plenty of plug-and-play type TV games before, but none have the same immediate appeal as Tetris, a puzzle game that anyone can enjoy.

The small Tetris controllers plug directly into your television using a set of standard composite cables (the red, white, and yellow things that your VCR uses). What makes this rather simple invention particularly cool, however, is that the controllers are shaped like Tetris pieces. If you plug a second controller into the first, you can also go head to head against your friends.

Alternatively, you can just get a couple copies of Tetris DS together and play some local multiplayer. Maybe I’m just a stickler for new technology.