Poketo MP3 Players Are a Colorful Bunch

Poketo MP3 Players Are a Colorful Bunch


It’s a little sad when the biggest selling point for your latest creation is the fact that it is available in a variety of colors, but that is exactly the case today. Palama Holdings of Japan has just revealed the Poketo digital audio player and it comes in just about every color under the sun and then some. On the downside, that’s about the only thing it has going for it.

Looking more like a USB flash drive than a musical device, the Poketo only comes with a paltry 512MB of internal memory, granting you not very much space that ever expanding MP3/WMA library you have. Don’t even think about expanding the storage via a memory card, because there’s no slot for you to put it in, nor is there a display for you to discern what you’re listening to.

To launch in Japan this September, the Poketo — regardless of color — will sell for 3,980 Yen, or about 33 bucks American.